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Du * en * de | noun

[Spanish fr. due de casa, fr. dueno de casa owner of a house]

A quality of passion and inspiration.

I’m truly honored to bring you Duende. I was captivated by the term “duende” when I first heard it in college. It’s one of those words that isn’t easily translated to English, but somehow perfectly encapsulates a feeling. A particular emotion that I believe is incredibly important when it comes to art. It’s a beautiful thing to be passionate, and it’s an amazing experience to witness someone sharing their passion. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my love of music and sharing it with the world. I wanted to create an album full of artists sharing their passion. I loved working with friends who were able to make something they’re truly proud of. This isn’t just an album full of “singles,” this is a auditory experience from start to finish. 


This album wouldn’t exist without the help of countless others. Duende has been at least 8 years in the making. Spanning from my earliest performances as a young high schooler in, to finishing the last piece on the album just days before entering the studio. It is a labor of love crafted by me and my dearest friends. This album was funded by Kickstarter and I wouldn’t be here today without the loving support of everyone who was involved with the project or who donated in any fashion. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy this experience with me.


Guitar: Cullen Gray

Violin: Julio Lopez

Upright & Electric Bass: Owen Clapp

Piano & Vocals: Octavia McAloon


“I”, “III”, & “IV” composed by Octavia McAloon

“II” composed by Owen Clapp.

“Petrichor” composed by Cullen Gray & Octavia McAloon

All other pieces composed by Cullen Gray


Recorded at London Bridge Studios

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Shohei Ogami


Lead Concept Artist: Klint Flentge

Lead Painter:  Matt Huff

Album Design: Amanda Feldman


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